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Many graduated dentists find it necessary to consider to travel abroad or just train themselves (sometime even by trial and error!!!) to go into fields like root canal therapy or proper periodontal therapy if these were not their original fields of specialty mastering basic surgical skills such as incisions, flaps, and suturing rules and techniques as well as simple impactions and apicectomies need more than the theory and a few weeks during internship. On the other hand, the diagnosis and management of an emergency in the dental office is something that you have to master in practice and not just in theory. If you get the right basic life support and CPR training, you can save lives and avoid a disaster in your office. Writing down a prescriotion needs not only knowledge of what is available in the market but also what really can suit each individual case to help reach a cure with no complications. The last 3 decades have seen a growing interest in certain areas of out profession such as implantology, rotary endodontics, cosmetic dentistry, porcelain veneers, bleaching, lasers and ozone. Infection control in the dental office is an area that is not fully understood by many dental practitioners. It is not enough to have a fancy autoclave and ware gloves & masks. The circulation of personnel in the office and handling of the dental devices, instruments, and materials, need a special protocol. If you have a case that needs general anesthesia and calls for working in the hospital theatre, one should know how to scrub and what to do.

Our philosophy is based on giving dental practitioners what they really need in order to enhance their knowledge and skills in all those aspects and more such as modern Pedodontics, Orthodontics for the G.P, mastering X rays and dental photography. We offer short as well as comprehensive courses that focus more on the practical side in an atmosphere that is relaxing and attractive yet scientific and professional our teaching and training staffs are carefully selected among renowned professors and practitioners who have high clinical experience in their fields with national and international scientific backgrounds.  Participants of our courses in the last few years varied between newly graduates at their internship year up to colleagues who graduated 20 or 30 years ago and need refreshment at a certain dental branch. We were glad to have participants from many Arab countries as well. By the end of any course, certificates of attendance and credit hours are officially signed and stamped from Cairo University. For our courses that have a European or American sponsoring dental company, you also get certified by those brand name companies.

Candidates who pass our special comprehensive course of implantology need only two extra days of lectures by the German team and an examination that all can be held in Cairo to get the German board in Implantology that is accredited by the German Association of Implantologist (DGZI) and the German Government.

Do not miss the chance of improving your skills and giving a better service to your patients and community.