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Register today for one of our courses, increase your knowledge and learn the most up-to-date techniques in Dental Implantology.

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1-The short condensed course: Takes you into the world of Implantology.

2-The comprehensive course: Takes you even further deep in to the secrets of the field and prepares you for the German Board in Implantology (DGZI) if you are interested. (Get it only in 2 days after completion of our course)

3-The advanced course: Are you ready for the adventure?!!!.

Important Tips for future Implantologists

If you choose our comprehensive Implantology course, you have the option of getting 2 extra days of lectures with the German team from DGZI, and then getting examined and certified. In this way you officially get the German Board of Implantology that is accredited by the German association for Dental Implantologist (DGZI) and the German Government as well.

German Board certified dentists are eligible for Masters Degree in oral implantology from Germany and Austrian Universities.

Some of Our Prominent Implantology Course Speakers

- Prof. Galal El Beheiry

- Prof. Amr Abdel Azim

- Dr. Abdel Salam El Askari

- Gen. Dr. Hassan Sadek

- Prof. Ahmed Barakat

- Prof. Ashraf Abdel Monem

- Prof. Sherin El Attar

- Prof. Hussein El Sharkawy

- Prof. Sameh Mekheimar

- Prof. Mona Darhous

- Assist. Prof. Ramy Guiha

 Hands on – live surgeries – do it yourself, and more

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8 Months

Credit Hours

260 Hours

Credit Hours

9500 L.E (Egyptian)

10500 L.E (Non Egyptian)

Course Director

Prof. Amr Abdel Azim