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 Advanced Implantology Course: Classical and Modern

Modified Maxillary Sinus Membrane Lifting Techniques.


After the completion of learning implantation and receiving a sufficient training in this area, it is the time to learn in three days practice how to raise the lining of the nasal sinus safe manner under the supervision of a group of the best experts in this field.


At the end of this course participant Implantologists should be able to:

1) Understand the anatomy, physiology and dentally related pathology of the maxillary sinus.

2) Diagnose and plan for sinus membrane lifting with appropriate clinical and radiographic tools.

3) Got familiar with all different conventional and advanced sinus membrane lifting in lateral and crestal approaches.

4) Practically perform sinus membrane lifting with or without simultaneous implant insertion using the new safer dusk lateral window and crestal approach techniques.


Course Content:

-- Surgical Anatomy of the maxillary sinus.

-- Advanced Radiographic understanding of the maxillary sinus (pre-operative evaluation).

-- Pathology of the Max. Sinus in relation to sinus membrane lifting.

-- Sinus Membrane lifting: The concept, history and future.

-- Classical sinus membrane lifting techniques.

-- Advanced sinus membrane lifting techniques.

-- Sinus Endoscopy for dental Implantologists and practitioners.

-- Live surgeries by expert professors, Hands on training and supervised operations done by participants.



4 Days

Credit Hours


Credit Hours

1800 L.E

Course Director

Prof. Amr Abdel Azim