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Emergencies and CPR


Emergencies and resuscitation course for dentists


Day 1: basic medical clinical skills (for dentists).

Day 2: emergencies on the dental chair: don’t panic.

Day 3: basic life support (for dentists).


Course objectives:

This practical course has been developed in order to

1) Standardize patient assessment at the dental office for diagnosis and management of medical emergencies.

2) Improve patient management during emergency situations and reduce stress at the dental office.

3) Train dentists to think and act quickly and in a systematic way.

4) Train dentists in giving intramuscular & intravenous injections enabling them to manage clinically free & critically ill patients successfully & calmly.


Practical stations during the course:

-- Patient assessment using a-b-c-d-e approach.

-- How to assess pulse and measure blood pressure.

-- How to give an IM or IV injection.

-- How to insert an IV canuka & to withdraw a blood sample (on a specially made manikn).

-- Cardiopulmonary resuscitation and airway management.


All skills practiced on a special advanced manikin (model)



3 Days

Credit Hours

15 Hours


750 L.E

Course Director

Prof. Jehan El Khouly