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Course Specifications

Hands on training course for PHD candidates

Micro-Endodontics, insight to the use of surgical operating microscope in endodontics


Course duration: 3 days


Aim of the course

In a state – of – the – art continuing education facility with bench microscopes and hands – on guidance, the micro endodontic course prepares the student to:


Part l science of endodontics lectures

1) Appreciate the full scope of micro-endodontics.

2) Be familiar with the microscope basic FEATURES and its optical principle.

3) Be familiar with the mounting of the microscope.

4) Be familiar with the features of the microsurgeon chair and patient chair.

5) Understand the importance of monitors in the microscope.

6) Demonstrate the steps to setting up the microscope.

7) Demonstrate the steps of the interoccular and parafocalling adjustment.

8) Understand the importance of documentation with the microscope.

9) Demonstrating some clinical tips for the learning curve.


Part ll preclinical course

1) Develop sound technical excellence in setting up the microscope.

2) Develop the technical skill off access cavity preparation, rotary nichel titanium

3) Instrumentation of extracted molar teeth under the microscope.

4) Develop the technical skill of retrograde cavity preparation and retrograde filling of extracted anterior and premolar teeth under the microscope.



3 Days

Credit Hours



2000 L.E

Course Director

Prof. Salsabil Ibrahim