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Did you know that more than 30% of the first visit patient's, after an accurate diagnosis need to treat the roots? We invite you to be able to provide the service distinctive therapeutic appropriate for your patients practically.


Choose between:                                                         

1-Course for Conventional Endodontics

Improve your Endodontic Skills in 6 days


Some of the Topics to be discussed in this attractive practical course for the G.P Dentist will include:

1) A review on the anatomy of the root canal system of the permanent human dentition.

2) Principles and techniques of Endodontic access cavity preparation.

3) A simple efficient and easy 30 minutes technique for molar Endodontics.

4) Root canal obturation options and techniques.

5) Hands on workshop on Endodontic skills.


2-Update your Endodontic Skills

Rotary Endodontics and new Obturation systems


Lectures and practical training will include:

1) Modern changes in the root canal preparation strategies.

2) Modification in root canal enlarging tools.

3) The protaper NiTi rotary system.

4) Concepts, techniques and limitations of electronic apex locators.

5) Modifications in root canal obturation concepts.

6) The thermafill obturation system.



3 Days

Credit Hours

24 Hours


1800 L.E

Course Director

Prof. Alaa Diab