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Evidence Based Dentistry


By the end of the module students will be able to:

-- Formulate and define a research question clearly.

-- Understand which types of study design (trials, observational qualitativze etc) are most appropriate for which types of clinical questions.

-- Establish criteria for accepting and rejecting good and bad evidence.

-- Appraise a research paper.

-- Identify and assess the main forms of bias.

-- Appraise the methods of a systematic review, and understand their importance and limitations.

-- Know which are the best sources for finding reliable research evidence and other information.

-- Where to access sites to get full articles for free.

-- Undertake both (i)comprehensive and sensitive and (ii)rapid and specific literature searches for specific topics or questions.

-- Calculate quantitative measures such as relative risk reduction, and number needed to treat.


Comments from previous courses:

1) I was impressed by the way of presentation and presenter himself.

2) It really opened a new scope for searching information and new way of thinking.

3) More than excellent courses.

4) This courses must be obligatory for any one before he write protocol.

5) It is a dream for me to have in my college and my research will be based on scientific base that can be argued and convinced. Now it will be end of personal opinion and obligation without clarification.

6) This course should be taken more than one time.

7) This course must be publish between all students to make a good research work and benefit population.

8) It was wonderful and I enjoyed and learned a lot. I wish there will be more advanced courses in evidence based dentistry.

9) It is a complete brain storming procedure that should be given over an extended time , and should be an obligatory courses for staff members (even professors) and postgraduate students.

10) Thanks for this chance of mind opening.

11) Everything was wonderful, we really enjoyed the course and I hope we can implement it.

12) Course was really great and to the point. I need an advanced course of EBD with much more detailed information.




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Course Director

Dr. Ahmed El-Khadem