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Making good dentures…Keys to success


Courses description

A 8 lecture series will prepare the clinician to manage advanced completely edentulous patients with live application on patients and hands-on. Learn how to improve aesthetic and functional outcomes of completely edentulous patients


Courses duration

Two days each week (Friday and Saturday) for 4 consecutive weeks.


Credit hours:

32 CE credits (2 h lecture + 4 h practical)


Educational Objectives:

Upon the completion of this 8 lecture series, participants should be able to

A) Understand the clinical and biological elements for achieving natural complete dentures esthetics and functions.

B) Be able to diagnose what clinical procedure is needed to develop an esthetic and functional complete dentures.

C) Be able to select the appropriate impression technique and material to support a good denture outcome.

D) Understand the benefits and potential pitfalls of jaw relation records.

E) Understand the clinical steps and technical procedures influencing the clinical outcome of successful complete dentures.

F) Practice clinical management of at least one patient.




Credit Hours




Course Director

Prof. Hussein EL Charkawi