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How to master laminate veneers in 3 days?


This scientific practical course will provide the participants with:

1) The proper way for selection of indicated cases for laminate veneers.

2) How esthetic problems can be solved with laminate veneers.

3) The easiest and most advanced techniques for laminate veneers construction.


After attending this course, every participant should be able to:

-- Select the proper case for laminate veneers.

-- Master the laminate veneers preparations and techniques, instruments selection for better preparation geometry.

-- Construct chair-side and indirect laboratory composite laminate veneers with ease and without expensive equipments.

-- Understand other Alternatives for ceramic laminate veneers construction, including refractory, pressable and CAD/CAM techniques.

-- Ideal cementing media and technique for different types of laminate veneers.


The course includes hands- on training workshops



3 Days

Credit Hours



1400 L.E

Course Director

Prof. Nour Habib