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Esthetics in restorative dentistry

Academic and preclinical

How do we see?

-- Miracle of vision and seeing: image formation and color distinction.

-- Can we trust our eyes?

-- Illusions considering shape and shade in restorative dentistry: (illustrated cases).

Know your enemies: Esthetic

Derangements (prepared assignment)

a. anomalies and syndromes.

b. diseases and conditions affecting esthetics and smile.

c. aging of the smile: characteristics, causes and management (illustrated cases).


Fundamentals of esthetics

a. shape determinants of the beauty of the smile.

b. shade determinants of the teeth and shade selection.


Smile analysis and smile design:

Dental biomaterials used for esthetic restorations

Part ll (clinical esthetics in restorative dentistry 102):

Examination, analysis, diagnosis and treatment planning of esthetic cases (prepared assignment).

1.esthetic patient attitude, expectations and handling by the practitioner (prepared assignment).

2.esthetic treatment modalities: from non-aggressive to full ethtic smile rehabilitation.

3.clinical hands on sessions.


By the end of this series of lectures and hands-on sessions participants should be able to:

1) understand the basic concepts & philosophies of beauty and esthetics in restorative dentistry.

2) understand the types, conditions & etiologies of common esthetic derangements.

3) understand and practice the analysis of the components of the facial esthetics with special emphasis on the smile analysis and oral and dental esthetic treatment planning in restorative dentistry.

4) understand the basic  fundamentals to communicate and satisfy patients seeking for esthetic enhancement.

5) understand the basic fundamentals to perform an asthetic restoration for natural teeth concerning the shape and shade of teethto be restored whether partially or completely.

6) understand the development, materials, techniques applied, limitations and factors influencing the success and failure to reproduce esthetically acceptable and satisfactory dental restorations.

7) understand and be familiar with the latest updates in all the mentioned fields  of esthetic restorative dentistry.

8) mastering the integral use of all the basic fundamentals of the esthetic parameters skillfully and wisely.



2 days/weekly for 3 months

Credit Hours

156 Hours


5000 L.E

Course Director

Prof. Mohamed Abd El-Mohsen